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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  February 24, 2013 8:30am-9:30am PST

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tens of thousands of peoplew up for the final sunday blessing by pope benedict. weather ad libs "@ 01:00:21;09 swa . in vatic city, ts of thousands of people show up for the final sunday blessing by pope benedict xvi. >> and just in time for sunday breakfast, we have a forecast with nothing that is sunny side up. the entire forecast in a few minutes. >> and i call this murder/suicide of critical government services and this is going to crash our economy. >> the blame game continues on capitol hill. eric swallowwell sounds off on the sequester stalemate. >> it's a 30 sunday, february 24th. >> we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. the questions about high-speed rail on the peninsula and a possible solution to a lot of
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neighborhoods concerns. state senator jerry hill joins us. >> and the latest d.c. fiscal crisis, the quester situation that can happen on friday and. >> some questions. what has sealions acting strangely? first, some other news from north nature. an earthquake shock up the freemont area this morning and a lot of people said they felt it. >> it was small. a magnitude 3.0. people felt it. it happened before 2 this morning and centered three miles northeast of freemont and five miles southwest of sin ole. viewers tell us that buildings were swaying. so far, no reports of damage or injuries. and this morning, firefighters tackled a two- alarm apartment fire in san francisco. and that happened about 11:35 last night on waller street near buchanan and kpix5 viewers tweeted the photos and they had
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that under control within the fire. six people are forced out of the homes. police found what they believe is a getaway car in las vegas. the shooting on thursday killed an aspiring rapper from oakland and this is a photograph of that black range rover found last night at an apartment complex and that is east of the las vegas strip. and a couple of blocks from the shooting scene and las vegas police are looking for the owner of the suv. he was arrested last year on charges of pandering, sexual assault, and coercion and is considered armed and dangerous. the oakland man who died was in his maserati, which police say was peppered with gun fire. the car crashed into a taxi, which exploded into flames killing the driver and the passenger. and all three deaths are considered homicides. kenneth cherry senior, who lives in emeryville is disputing rumors his son was a trouble maker. >> my son was the victim like
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the two people in the taxi, okay, and i want the media to leave us alone. and let us mourn our 27-year- old son. >> reporter: the shooting stems from an argument in the valet area of the area resort casino, a block away from the crash scene. mc hammer is firing back at police after he was arrested at a bay area shopping mall. that happened thursday night. when he was approached by a police officer at the hacienda crossing and he tweeted the officer asked him if he was on probation or parole first and the next thing he knew, the officer drew his gun and called for backup. he was arrested for obstructing and resisting an officer and san francisco 49er is facing a drunk driving charge. according to the santa rosa press democrat, the officers arrested al netter on wednesday, the third 49er to be arrested on a dui charge since 2012. and he said in a statement,
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quote, the organization takes the issues organization isly and it's an ongoing legal matter. democrats have large majorities in california legislatures and they're charting an ambitious agenda for the year ahead and lawmakers introduced hundreds of bills before the deadline, including proposals to change gun and ammunition laws, property, corporate tax collections, voting rights and environmental regulations are all up for review. the lawmakers put forward a total of more than 2,000 bills. meanwhile, the california democrats no longer hold a supermajority in the state senate. >> and that is a big change in san francisco because of a surprise resignation the past week and cbs reporter rob mcallster tells us the neverring is underway to fill the soon to be vacant seat. >> reporter: no one was expecting marco rubio to drop his resignation and to beginning -- begin working for
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chevron. a move catching both major parties offguard. >> it was a shockerrer. the democrats enjoyed a one- seat, 2/3 majority. >> caught me by surprise. >> well, it's a big shocking decision. >> reporter: with rubeo gone, the -- rubio gone, the democrats control 26 of the possible 40 seats, one show you of a majority. >> you get to something like the budget where they may want to raise taxes and fees and that is the concern. they may not have 2/3 to do that. >> reporter: with each seat influenceing whether a bill might be passed, the campaigning is underway. >> and that one vote makes a different and that happened in the senate and i am sure people are talking on both sides of the aisle, as i speak, about who the right candidate is for that senate district. >> reporter: the democrats may not have to wait long to regain the supermajority. >> for the next coue of weeks, the senate would have that majority and a few weeks
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after. that there is enough internal fighting among the republicans that the democrats request can guarantee the 2/3 on the budget. >> as the seats are being filled, it sets off the domino effect where the democrats will lose the supermajor in the assembly until special elects can be held. rob callster, kpix5. the daytona international speedway has been repaired in time for nascar's biggest race this morning, after a major crash on the cracktra left more than 30 spectators injured yesterday and this happened as they approaching the checkered flag and debris flow into the stands and that race is still set to begin this morning. the race organizers say if fans are uncomfortable with the upclose seating for today's daytona 500, officials will work to move them. and we're dayingars -- days away from the end of the reign
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of a bone. >> he gave his final blessing in the vatican city. he is the first pope to retire in 600 years and tips of thousands of people showed up. he will step down on thursday. he told the papal that he won't abandon the church and is expected to spend his retirement in the monastery within vatican city grounds. and 8:37, keeping the dream alive for high-speed rail. the conversation with state senator jerry hill next. >> and the clock is ticking on the sequester deadline. both partying are still blaming each other. >> and they don't know how to go get back to the ocean. >> disoriented wandering sea lions showing up in freeways and businesses. the new clues as to what is making them sick. >> couldn't be the weather. plenty of sunshine around the bay area and severely clear skies that is on the chilly side and not for long.
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what caused the crane to collapse . remember the crane that fell down last week in. >> the bay bridge span? >> a new one is going to pick up where the tonelled crane left off and what caused it to collapse is under investigation. it was removing a 129-ton piece of metal when it toppled on to the barge. the metal piece was part of the bridge's temporary support structure called false work and nobody was injured. the incident won't delay the labor day weekend opening of the new eastern span and kpix5 is the official station for the bay bridge ceremoniy and we're counting the days on the clock and that is until the new span ens september 3rd, 190 days away. and that is something we have seen a lot of since the late 1990s. a confused sea lion wandering
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into places where they shouldn't be and bay area scientists are tracking the culprit to the very base of the food chain. >> call the person. we have a sea lion. >> and they wandered into businesses and airports and highway 101. >> there is a sea lion on the freeway. >> reporter: in sauce locateo, they're all -- sausilito are familiar with confused sea lions. >> disorientation, a distinctive head bobbing. >> reporter: in tubberon, researches -- tiberon, they're learning more what is causing it. >> this is where it starts. >> reporter: phito planktons, the perfectly natural, usually harmless organisms cause algae blooms big enough to so from space and all it takes is sunlight and carbon dioxide and nitrogen. >> and that is off of the coast
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here and from some pollutant forms. any of the excess fertilizer used by the plants, all the strawberries in monterey county. that is flushed to the coastal ocean. >> and that is some more fuel for toxic algae. >> and they can blow grow more. >> reporter: from there, it's up the food chain small fish eat thal jay and the sea lions oat a lot of small fish. when too much toxin is passed along? >> they wander up and don't know how to get back to the ocean. >> reporter: the same thing happens in the rare cases when they build up in people. >> and they're totally fine. in every other aspect but they can't remember where they worked -- parked their car. >> and this is a complicated equation of chemistry and biology, and we're starting to unlook how it works and how we might be adjusting some potentially dangerous variables. >> what we have to do is
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understand how the whole ecosystem work. how do natural factors interact with unnatural factors to allow greater growth or more toxic growth. we can't ignore that beginning of the food chain. >> that was kpix5 martin allen reporting. brian with a sunny forecast and warmer temperature. that was the one thing lacking and that is gorgeous. >> thank you. >> and won't to make sure you are comfortable and into sunday, it's not going to be warmer tonight but by a degree or two and that is still in concord, 52, oakland and in to liver mro and 40 degrees in santa rosa and plenty of sun around as a reminder, you can receive this program for free and sunday, sunshine. slightly warmer for us and there is no rain until march
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and beyond and this is looks like we're going get warm march 7th and 8th and dry for the bay area. the high pressure is over the pacific and the rainfall averages are 75% of average. we fell from 150% of average to 75% of average in the space of a month and a half. the high pressure that is out there in the pacific is steering everything into the pacific northwest and we'll get sunny and warmer and we'll stay dry all week long. in fact, it will be close to 70 degrees by this time next week. sfo, partly cloudy on monday. a few clouds in the morning and winds out of the west at 25 and a high of 58 degrees. for los angeles, 72 and in some sunshine. calling for 62 at santa rosa and fairfield and into san francisco, 59 degrees and with that 69 in san jose and with
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that look ahead, temperatures close to 70 degrees by next friday and saturday and that is looks like a warm one and a dry one all week. and it was warm for february but california standards. >> that's right. and i am going to do the segway of the day. >> it heats up in the bay area and heats up with the pentagon. >> okay. well, you really built that up. >> cute. >> i thought that was going to be -- . >> and government agencies scramble to try to meet the sequester deadline. >> how badly will the massive budget cuts hurt and the chances of a last-minute breakthrough. we'll be right back. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything.
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might be more willing to wee the high speed rail -- as lg as no extra tracks are adde peed rail project neighborhoods on the peninsula might be more willing to welcome high-speed rail if there are no come extra tracks added. it would allow passengers and cars to go from los angeles to san francisco in less than two hours and 40 minutes. if it ends up happening. state senator hill unveiled a bill guarantees the trains would run on to the existing tracks on the peninsula and sharing them with caltrain. the bill provides funding to electrify the tracks. for more on the plan to share tracks for the sake of the high- speed rail project, we sat down in the studio with the senator. >> and when is that reality the
8:51 am
trains are coming through. >> and we are going to be here with jerry hill. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> and this is a point of contention for thens -- thousands of people. on one hand, they voted for high-speed rail and the reality of 80 to 150 miles per hour- trains going through the communities has them on edge and that is with them fighting it and two tracks from san jose to san francisco and that proposal to go 50 fight in the air and the viaducts and that is to scar communities. that iswhat i hear b. i have people saying, look, this is going to be a safety issue. we want the track to go into a tunnel or they didn't want the viaduct but underground. is that possible still or is that out of the window?
8:52 am
>> and there is cheer that we're not going into the viaducts. you have to separate the cars from the train and when you going 120 miles an hour you can't have trains or bicycles in the way and have to go and puts cars and everything, tunnel -- tunnel them underneath and raise them a bit, which we have done where you go up 20 feet and have that combination of trains and trench the area, run the train underfound about and fill and you can't cover it completely, but a large portion of it can you and develop that land on top and that can be used for public purpose or a economic benefit.
8:53 am
>> the ways the objection to the four versus the two and how does that affect the overall idea of high-speed rail? and in order for high-speed rail to move, you would have to move a lot of trains fast and e limb -- eliminating it to two trains, rails, one going one by and another. >> and it will defeat it, not at all and you can run many trains on that and there is some passing tracks and that can go around and that high- speed rail can go faster. the idea is if you have two or four tracks, it's going to require the taking of property and have -- and that is not enough space there to do that and some homes would be lost and the legislation that i authored will say it has to be a two-track system and you can't change that. >> why are you having to pass a
8:54 am
law to do this? and i thought this is ironed out when we passed the high- speed rail train? >> and we haven't been able to trust them. at least not initially and this is a long project and may change when working through and this is a law that will codify and make sure there is clarity and safeguard in places. >> and the final question, are you legislating engineering decisions and is that the spam smart way to go? >> that is not the smart way to go to legislate decisions but this was engineered. the decision was made and all we're doing taking the existing law that was passed last year and making sure it's clear and that safeguards are in place to protect the communities on the
8:55 am
peninsula from san francisco to san jose and so they can't do a bait and switch and that is to number writing. >> and that is what they wanted all along. they voted for this and the minute they saw the plans, they wanted the cutback and hammered down and this may save us money in lawsuits and what they got guaranteed today is not going to change tomorrow. >> and speaking of mean, the press egg ballooned. a lot of thing irritating people about the project. >> and that is all projects in california. detailed warnings about what can happen in congress if it doesn't reach a deal. automatic spending cuts would go into affect on march 1st, the sequester. >> the pentagon said it's massive cuts to the military would affect the country's ability to defend itself. the centers on disease control say they're going lose more than $300 million if the cuts
8:56 am
go through and the faa said 47 trench thousand workers could be laid off and members of congress return to washington tomorrow to try to put an end to the latest budget battle. >> and i spoke with one of the freshmen members. and that is congressman falwell. last year, the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling and now the latest crisis on the automatic spending cuts. what are we calling this? >> i am calling it murder/suicide of critical government services that is going to crash our economy and this is done by some in congress who so no role for the federal government and think that is the best way to have some cuts is to literally murder our economy and to get rid of critical services, make folks wait longer in line at tsa to produce and to make veterans wait longer than they're waiting for the care that we promised them and this, voters have deadline fatigue
8:57 am
and fiscal cliff came in december and then in january, the debt ceiling and the man- made crisis called sequester. the voters want us to work together and solve the problems and not keep practicing incremental government. >> absolutely and this is annoying to the common voter. we have a march 1st deadline for this and you are on vacation now. >> congress is home for a weeklong recess. the majority of the party would rather be back in washington working, but we seem to be working three days a week and that is not enough to solve the problems at hand. the american people are not going react positively to that. we're seeing fragile economic growth in our economy and congress stands in the way of that growth. >> reporter: from an insider, what is the mood there? is there going okay to be a breakthrough at the last minute? >> and this is not college. we can't wait until the last minute and turn essay in. congress was elected by the
8:58 am
american people to think big and solve big problems and right now, it's time for our leaders, time for both parties to come together and talk to each other and to get rid of the deadline. solve this problem and measure investments and no more deadlines. let's do the business of getting our economy back on track. >> and they heading back tomorrow. the deadline is friday. >> and where's a rookie and is starting. he will have to learn the first message of recoverment, state, local, or federal and it doesn't get done until there is a crisis. >> he has hope and i appreciate that attitude. >> i agree. >> and can we do it without the drama. >> that would be great. celebrating the new lunar year with the biggest parade
8:59 am
outside of ia. >> they noisy and colorful and it's a great tribute to the year of the snake in san francisco. a closer look when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a beautiful morning. we have a great week on tap for the bay area. details in a minute. >> and first of all, i don't think any of them understand and appreciate what the problem really is. nobody has an exit strategy. >> and the clock ticking on painful budget cuts. they painted themselves into a corner. >> welcome back. kpix5 this morning and morning. >> and we're going to talk about the sequester. the deadline coming up. i almost feel silly talking about it. >> the drama? >> and this is nonsense and gets worked out. and this is something still going on in washington, d.c., to affect a lot of people. >> and i am not sure if that is worry for nothing and meanwhile, speak of drama, we
9:03 am
had a bit of an earthquake that rattled freemont. >> and that had a magnitude of 3.0 and small and that is before two this morning and five miles southwest. and the viewers in those areas tell us that the buildings were swaying. look at our seismo graph there and there is no reports of any damage or injuries. new this morning, firefighters tackled a two- alarm apartment fire in san francisco's lower haite neighborhood and that happened around 11:30 last night on waller street near buchanan. kpix5 viewers tweeted the photos of the fire. they had the fire under control in an hour, but six people were forced out of their home. officers hope to find a group of teenagers who got off of an ac transit bus and opened fire on it. that happened after midnight saturday and none of the nine passengers on the bus were hit
9:04 am
by bullets, but four say they were injured. >> not sure anyone was the target other than the bus itself. there was no provocation and they got off of the bus and decided to shoot the bus. >> the riders were checked out at the hospital and they will be okay. and thousands of guns are off of the streets, thanks to a gun buyback program. yo and so many people turned out, in fact. and the communities came together to sponsor the event, and some people waited for hours to turn in their guns for cash and they were too late. >> we had $52,000, and that has run out about almost three hours into the operation. >> those who didn't get cash wound up with vouchers to trade in at a later time n. all, 355 guns were collected. the money was provided by a non-
9:05 am
profit charity called protect our children and the bay area national guard unit is credited with saving lives in afghanistan and we were on moffet fold last month when the 129th rescue wing was deployed and the mission was the war time search-and-rescue operations and they're getting results. so far, they've saved 19 people and include a coalition troop, afghan soldiers and civilians. mean while, a suicide bomber was stopped and killed in afghanistan today. >> that happened in an area surrounded by foreign embassies in the capitol of kabul. the police say afghan intelligence officers were able to shot the bomber to death before he could detonate explosives in front of an afghan national security force. >> and today, john kerry sets off for his first overseas trip as secretary of state. he's going to make nine stops across europe in the middle
9:06 am
east and that civil war will be the major topic and plans to meet with leaders in rome. hours ago, pope benedict xvi gave his final sunday blessing above saint peter's scare and he is the first to retire in six centuries. tens of thousands of people showed up. he will step down on thursday and is told that he will not abandon the church and is expected to spend his retirement in amon stairo vatican city's grounds. and soly dad is trying to -- soledad is trying to bus tight -- put itself on the map. and that is a change for a town better known for prisons. kpix 5 david jackson found out instead of criminals, they want you to think ofcon doors. >> reporter: downtown soledad on a quiet -- soledadaquiet evening. it's small and proud. >> we have a lot of things going for a small community. >> reporter: the mayor handles
9:07 am
that soledad has something that most small communities don't: its own new national park. the 59th in america. yellowstone national park in wyoming, the grand canyon, of course, the national park and yosemite national park in california. if you ask citizens which is the most spectacular of them all, they will point you here to pickles national park they are remnants of lava from an extinct volcano in the california coast range and they a mountain climber's heaven. >> and i have not done much exploring in the coastal range area. >> and that has the california cop door, nearly extinct and repopulating here. >> and you will you explain the con doors. we saw the white and feathers and to see them after hearing much about them. >> reporter: it was opened last
9:08 am
week and soledad's mayor was there and saw his bigcon door. >> and he has to have an eight- to 10-food wing pan irspan. >> and the birds can being lebut the profits are not and that is now a destination. >> and many people stop by and you would be surprised how many people ask for directions. >> reporter: and once-empty hotels are running fullmeaning profit, spending and some tax money. >> new questions raised about california's public utility commission. our conversation with state senator jerry hill next. >> and the process of severe budget cuts if congress can't make a deal. what is next for lawmaker when is they return tomorrow from the recess. >> dragon fire crackers bringing in the lunar new year.
9:09 am
how san francisco celebrates the year of the snake. >> and we're heading to a bit of a chilly start for sunday morning. things are warming up today and we'll tell you the next site of rain we have in the bay area. yeah, it's not for a while. look at that. the san francisco golden gate in the distance and the forecast after a break. ,,,, [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. . thanks for coming by kpix 5, starting out with sunshine on the chilly side. highs in the low 60s today and
9:11 am
the forecast is in 60. ,,,,,,,,
9:12 am
about one million people wad . >> well, everybody's seen it and knows it. the biggest celebration in the bay area. >> and about one million people watched san francisco welcome the year of the snake. that will weak you up. fire crackers and elaborate floats wound their way yesterday. the parade is the san francisco tradition that dates back more than 100 years and that is the biggest parade outside of asia. this morning, the community fair continues and thousands attended the festival yesterday, featuring the taste and sites and sounds of francea -- san francisco's chinatown and this is from 9:00 until
9:13 am
5:00 p.m. you still have time to celebrate the year of the snake. if you're heading out there, boy, you're going have some sunshine. >> and that is good for sunday. temperatures increased and that is looking high and dry and some high clouds over the bay area and no rain in sit on. the numbers arer inner in 50 degrees and chilly inland. and stay tuned for that. santa rosa, 47; san jose, 50 and this is what weeing picture. severely clear skies and that slightly warmer pictures and the winds will come down and temperatures will hot up and that is into washington and oregon for us and we will look for the rain bando be up and
9:14 am
these are graphics and pointing out that the northwest will get six-plus inches of rain over the next week and that is too 2 storm tracks and that is into the eastern pacific. we have mostly clear skies and temperatures coming up today and we're going to look for dry weather in the bay area and leave monterey, 58 degrees. the pinpoint forecast for us, 59 in the city and into concord, 63; san jose, 61 and the extended forecast, nothing but sunny side up. the temperatures in the low 60s all week from the coast to the inland areas and friday and saturday next week and some numbers nudging 70s. >> yikes.
9:15 am
>> and that is the second week of march. >> and that is going out like a wet lion. >> thank you, brian. >> yes. >> i. and we're getting our first look at pg&e's new device and this might be a construction project here but it's a high-tech wireless camera into the lone and this is inside to look for erosions and defects without interrupting service and that is propelled by the force of the natural gas and the $800,000 projects part of the effort to improve safety and to that today live explosion. they're raising questions about the special accounts for utility projects. >> and it's possible that ratepayers were overcharged tremendous amounts of money and
9:16 am
that is why we had to go to -- jerry hill joining us to talk about what is going wrong with this. >> and i main -- the many function, in fact, the purpose is to protect public safety through controlling and regulating our utilities and two to manage and monitor and make sure the ratepayers are protected financially. they failed on both counts. as you know what happened a couple of years ago in san bruno and with the legislative analysts and the report that came out and they don't know if it's billions or trillions and have not done audits since no one 97, and they're supposed to balance the accounts and into south san francisco and two years later, doing the same
9:17 am
job. >> and that is amazing. the public utilities commission and one of the most watched of the entire state commissions, i mean, there is someone making a statement and how did this evolve? >> way we have a dictatorrual and for 90 years, they were able to make decisions in terms of directing staff and running the operations and they gave the president of the public utility's commission dictatorrual powers and that person will decide who will be the assigned commission or commissions and he made himself the commissioner. >> isn't that to make him more efficient. the argument getting bogged down with too many different discussions and going nowhere? >> that may have been the case then. what we have seen now, one
9:18 am
person is doing all of the, making the decisions and last year, when they suspended the hearings, the president ordered his staff to stop the hearings and go into forced mediation when no one wanted it. >> how much of this lands on the doorstep? >> the governor appoints -- . >> exactly. >> the&the president of the public utilities commission today and i believe that he should change that and appoint someone else as the president. the problems we have seen are under the watch of the current president. >> and -- i hear from the flipside that pv for all of the faults and dictatorrual is trying to get things done where that would be in a morass of hearings and hearings and hearing. >> and we have had 10 years to do that and some 12 years.
9:19 am
and we're tabbing $30 billion per year and balancing account and to see who owes who. weather ratepayers will get more money or pg&e and that hasn't been done and nobody knows where it is and that auditing part is a failure and the safety aspect of that has come out throughout national transportation safety board and that they have plans in place that have not worked and regulated appropriately. >> and that is frustrating to hear that you have a regulated agency and to find out they not regulating and this is a morass that a lot of people don't pay attention to and until literally something police up. >> right job, and there is a lot of talk about it and ye i have -- jerry hill is keeping that in the news and in the
9:20 am
pipeline 92 in sacramento for the time being. >> and that is right. without him, it would be. mean while, speaking of other gridlock, how about the partisan gridlock on capitol hill? >> our political inside or the d.c. lawmakers. into a corner and the latest budget crisis. ,,,,,,,,,,
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plus, free delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . as we have been talking about all morning, the nation is facing another fiscal crisis. friday, the deadline for lawmakers to reach a deal to reach massive domestic and defense budget cuts, when automatic spending cuts of $85 billion will go into effect. republicans and democrats disagree on how to cut the deficit and debt and republicans say taxes is off the table. members return to washington to put an end to another budget
9:23 am
battle. >> and when that happens, the first question is congress is not in session. when they come back, what are they facing? >> i don't think they understand and appreciate what the problem is. nobody has an exit strategy or the way out of the back dar and that is some way, you can delay it here and no one has that strategy. >> what is it about quits? >> and both of them are strong, compelling constituencies looking good on television and nobody wants to go there. >> and there is a stronger
9:24 am
constituency. the farmers who get the subsids for what they don't grow. >> right. >> and they are strong. >> congress kicked the can down the road and that we came up with a tax deal and we'll pay for the cuts later and had more than a year to figure out what to do with this and why don't they let it go? >> the aptisipation is all democrats in charge and we can protect ourselves. it's a bifurcated situation, nobody issuees -- wishes to be there and that is why they're not there. >> and age same players, same mess. >> and that is one thing. is that like a national motto? >> and . >> let's hope not. baseball is back.
9:25 am
>> that's right. >> and they get underway for the giants and as. >> and kim has it all and more some in sports. >> reporter: baseball is back. the giants and as open up play and from scotts dale, the giants tied at 1 and rips one to the left and with that chugging round and with the inning-ending double play and to the ice. can't stick the puck in and get to logan. the problem, the referee calls
9:26 am
goalie on him and leading the way. and finally, calgetting it done in to corvallis and that three. the fifth straight win squeaking by oregon state and with that, 60-59 and that is a look at sports. we'll see you at 5:30 tonight. 9:24. coming up, another look at the morning's top stories. >> and that is including you in developments in the investigation on a deadly shooting. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything. [ screams ] a rambunctious toddler? of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪
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yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%.
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authorities in las vegas ha found the s-u-v they say was . >> welcome back, it's a beautiful sunday morning j. authorities have found the suv that was involved in a deadly shooting and crash that called a man from oakland and they still looking for the owner. the 26-year-old suspect at large. >> and democrats without the
9:29 am
supermamajority after a surprise resignation and. and pope benedict xvi with the final blessing in vatican city. and the first pope to retire in 8500 years. he will step down on thursday. around here, a sunny day to look forward to. >> and a beautiful sunny sunday and that is living up to its name and in to oakland, city and 62 in to san jose and looks like it's high and destroy all week long and warming up toward the end of next week. >> and that is some 70s here. and this


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